5 Tips For Tonight’s Show And Party

FridayI am so excited to see you beautiful angels at the Never Sleep Alone show and party tonight at Joe’s Pub NYC at 9:30pm.  Here are some tips to get the most out of the show!

1. Clean Your Apartment Before The Show-  There’s a good chance you’ll be bringing someone home. Give your home an NSA Makeover and transform it into a seductive environment. Remember: Flowers, Fabrics and Flames. Put fresh flowers on the table, sensual fabric on your bed and over any gross furniture, and have plenty of candles to light the second you walk in the door.

2. Dress Up! After the show, we go to a nearby club for an after-party and there’s going to be lots of sexy strangers there. Ladies, this is an opportunity to wear your sexy red dress. Men, you will be shocked by how much more attention you get when you wear a suit jacket. Think Sophia Loren and James Bond, not Lena Dunham and Seth Rogen.

3. Arrive by 9pm- Or even earlier. There is a very sexy hidden bar on the second floor of The Public Theater called The Library. I highly recommend arriving at 8:30, having a drink up there with peeps before coming into Joe’s Pub at 9pm for your sociosexual evaluation.

4. Don’t Be Scared- NSA is not some gross Tijuana sex show. It’s an interactive comedy and music show and the best singles party in town. It’s 200 people just like you, laughing and singing together while overcoming inhibitions and meeting hot strangers. You’re not gonna be forced to do anything nasty. But, if you’e in the front, you WILL do as I say.

5. Just Go With It!  If you get pulled up for a date or demonstration, have fun, be bold, kiss a stranger! Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience without expectations. Don’t worry about whether or not the person is your “type”. Don’t worry about age, income or immigration status. No matter who I pair you up with onstage, just have fun, be sexy, and make each other look good! Because the person you’re meant to sleep with tonight… is watching you….

NSA Standing



9 NYC Hotels Perfect For NSA HookUps

Strangers making an onstage connection at Never Sleep Alone (Joe's Pub. NYC) Photo Credit: Kevin Yatarola

Strangers making an onstage connection at Never Sleep Alone (Joe’s Pub, NYC) Photo Credit: Kevin Yatarola

Tomorrow is the Never Sleep Alone show at Joe’s Pub New York City. The show is followed by an after-party at a nearby club, and you will most likely leave that party with someone new on your arm. Book a room at one of my favorite NYC hotels, and give yourself and your PEEP a night to remember.

1. Soho Grand or Tribeca Grand Hotel:  The original cool kids in the neighborhood, these properties will instantly put your PEEP in the mood to give you an MBO. They have the best parties, the hottest bars, and the sexiest rooms. (MBO= Mind Blowing Orgasm).

2. The Standard Hotel East Village: Just steps away from our after-party location, so you don’t waste any time. All the rooms are sexy. Andre’ Balazs knows his shit.

3. The Flatiron Hotel- Enjoy live music at Toshi’s Penthouse before having MBOs in the funkiest and most fun hotel in midtown. It’s owned by a dog named Ponzu. I’m not kidding. You are also allowed to bring your dog, so “I have to walk the dog in the morning” is not an excuse.

4. Gramercy Park Hotel- If you’re rich and you wanna hang around hot international types, stay here!

5. NY Loft Hostel- For those on a budget who wanna bang on a bunk bed in Bushwick.

6. The Standard Hotel-Meatpacking DistrictAn exhibitionist’s dream! Have sex against the floor-to-ceiling windows and put on a show for the tourists walking the Highline. #thanksAndre’.

7. Hotel Americano: Located right of the highline and next to The Heath Bar at Sleep No More. Sexy. Chic. Affordable.

8. The Ace Hotel: Trendy, sexy and there’s fresh oysters and rare steaks in the restaurants located right next to the lobby, so you and your peep can re-fuel after the first 5 MBOs.

9. My Place: If you want to be invited to the NSA Masquerade Slumber Party in late February, you must order my book from any retailer HERE and email the receipt to: DoctorAlex@NeverSleepAlone.com, no later than January 20th. If you want to bring a plus one, they must also email their receipt. One guest per copy. You don’t want to miss this party.

See you tomorrow at Joe’s Pub, NYC at 9:30pm. Look sharp.



Tomorrow Night! Never Sleep Alone “Best Place To Meet Singles-NYC!”(Joe’s Pub 1/17, 9:30)

“Clean your apartment before the show. There’s a good chance you’ll be bringing someone home with you.” – Blackbook Magazine

“Never Sleep Alone crafts laughs to get you laid.” – Time Out New York

“Dr. Alex is darn good at what she does” – The New York Times

Get tickets for Never Sleep Alone, Live at Joe’s Pub NYC on Saturday, January 17th, at 9:30pm by clicking HERE. The show is followed by an after-party at a nearby club. Dress to impress.

ATTENTION! If you sit in the front “SINGLES” section, YOU WILL KISS STRANGERS!

Watch the video so you know what is expected of you.

10 Things Everyone Wants To Hear In Bed

IMG_3013-5-75Dirty talk makes sex more fun and MBOs more intense. There’s no need to be nervous about talking in bed. Start with these ten lines as a warm up, let your tongues and imaginations run wild, and see what other filthy and beautiful things you and partner can come up with. Please share the best lines you’ve ever heard and most inspired sexts you’ve ever received in the comments section.

1. “You are so good at that.”

2. “You taste amazing.”

3. “You have the most perfect _______(fill in blank with your favorite body part) that I have ever seen in my life.”

4. “This _________(fill in blank with preferred word for YOUR genitalia or ass) is yours. Do whatever you want to it.”

5. “I love watching you fuck me.”

6. “You’re so _______.” (Pick one from this list: hot, wet, tight, hard, huge, tiny)

7. “I want to feel you come.”

8. “You’re beautiful.”

9. “You’re perfect.”

10. “I love you.”

(7-10 are especially effective if said repeatedly when your partner is about to climax)

Find someone to talk dirty to this Saturday night at the Never Sleep Alone show and after-party at Joe’s Pub, NYC. It’s almost sold out. Get tickets now by clicking HERE.

3 Reasons You Should Sleep With A Single Mom

 She’s Hot Conceiving, carrying and caring for a child is a big deal. And doing it on your own is a HUGE fucking deal. If a woman is raising a child, maintaining a career, and managing a household on her own, and she still has the time and desire to have an active sex life, you can be damn sure she’s actualized NSA Principle 4 (FIRE), and that she possesses the four most attractive qualities in a human being. Single moms are:  Fearless, Independent, Relaxed, Erotic.

2. She’s Horny There are a lot of single moms who come to the NSA show and party at Joe’s Pub NYC (This Saturday Night!). They all tell me their MBOs are much more intense since they’ve had a child, and that they are eager to give and receive as many more as possible before the babysitter has to leave.

MBO= Mind Blowing Orgasms

3. She Wants You For YOU Not your sperm. She already has a baby, so she’s not trying to have yours. Because she already has somebody to cuddle, care for and control, she’s not gonna be N3 with you. (N3=Nagging, Nervous, Needy). She only  wants 3 things from you: Compliments, Competence and Cunnilingus. To learn how to seduce and satisfy a single mom, click HERE.

The Best Sex Trick In The World

“If you build it, they will come.”  Indeed. I learned this from a very nice boy from Napoli, after he reupholstered the interior of my car. (#thanksMMN) It will work equally well on males and females. Lay next to your partner in bed and say, in a soft, deep, and confident tone. “I bet I could give you an orgasm just by kissing you. But you have to keep your eyes closed and you have to stay completely still. You can’t move at all.”

Once they agree, begin to kiss them very lightly, first on their neck, and then plant soft kisses across their jaw line, on their cheeks, eyelids, and finally on their lips. Continue reading

3 Things You Can Make To Make Her Want YOU


If there’s a specific woman you want, you can be damn sure there’s at least 5 other guys going after her. If you want her to want YOU, you must be better than the average douche. The two most attractive qualities in a man are generosity and creativity; and these are the two areas in which most men are severely lacking. To be better than the mediocre majority and make her want to sleep with you, all you have to do is make The 3 Ds That Make Her Wanna Do You. 

Dinner:  Making an amazing dinner in an exquisite environment is one of the most effective ways to seduce a woman. I can come over and teach you how to make amazing meals, set a chic table, and transform your pad into a movie set that makes her want to bang you. Write DoctorAlex@NeverSleepAlone.com to book your one-on-one session. My assistant and I will teach you how to prepare an amazing meal while transforming your house, apartment or dorm room into the most seductive environment she has ever seen.


Dresses: Make a woman a chic and simple gown and watch her panties fall to the floor. Making a Goddess Gown is simpler than you think. All you need is a basic pattern, 3 yards of sensual fabric and one sewing class. Click HERE to find classes in your area. If you’re based in New York, Los Angeles, or Napoli, you can book a session with my personal dress maker, Reynaldo Alandea. He can teach you the techniques, and help you select the right fabric and pattern for your woman’s body. Write him at HerGoddessGown@gmail.com.  And if you’re a woman who wants to transform yourself into a walking deity, have Reynaldo make you a couture gown at an affordable price and you will Never Sleep Alone. Unless you want to.

P.S.–He’s hot. And straight.


Decisions:  A woman’s least favorite words are: “I don’t know, what do you feel like doing?” Make decisions about where you want to go, what you want to do, and how you want to get there. Present her with a creative and specific plan for the evening, and have backup options in case she’s a high maintenance pain in the ass.

We look forward to seeing your generous, creative and very sexy self at the Never Sleep Alone show and after-party in New York City on Saturday night. Tickets HERE.

Dress up.


The Only 5 Exercises You Need To Make You Fuckable

2014-06-06 09.44.50

Me. Now.

Maybe you didn’t know this about me, but I used to be gross.

I was twenty pounds overweight. And I hated it. I had no confidence, I had no energy and I had no will power. The only thing I DID have was the beginnings of a FUPA. I ate McDonald’s, Taco Bell or Applebee’s every day, I took long naps in the WalMart parking lot, I never had MBOs, and I did not possess even one of  The 9 Habits of Highly Fuckable People. 

MBO=Mind Blowing Orgasm

All that changed when I stopped making excuses and started exercising an hour a day. If you give just one hour a day to exerting your body in a focused manner, the other 23 hours of the day are spent feeling powerful, relaxed and undeniably sexy. Daily exercise makes you look better, feel better, think better and perform better, personally and professionally. It also increases your pheromonal output, which makes people want you. You only need to do 5 exercises to get the body you’ve always wanted, and they are very easy to do, once you get your ass off the couch. Click HERE to learn the exercises.


Luke and Laura

The exercises are easy. The hard part is actually making yourself do it 4-7 times a week. Anything less than 4 times a week, and you will not see dramatic results. I suggest hiring a trainer and a nutritionist to get you started and keep you on track. Stop wasting money on food and alcohol and invest in your body. Here is a list of the people who transformed my body. They are all bi-coastal, they can recommend trainers in your town, and they will work with your budget to create a personalized plan to give you the sexy body you always wanted. Click on their name to contact them.

Trainer: Daniel Smith  (Los Angeles, NYC Worldwide)

Nutritionist: Dan Fenyvesi  (LA, NYC Baltimore, Nicaragua and Worldwide)

Yoga Instructor: Luke Strandquist (NYC, LA and Worldwide)

Yoga, Massage and Integrative Bodywork: Laura Calhoun (NYC, LA, Brazil and Worldwide)

Hope to see your sexy asses at my show in New York City on Saturday night! A few tickets left HERE.  

Get off your ass. ITTGF.

It’s Time To Get Fuckable.

Best NYC Bar To Meet Singles On A Friday Night


The Iron Horse in New York City is THE bar to be tonight if you’re a single New Yorker who is ready to take my advice and go out without your cockblocking friends. Located steps from the South Street Seaport at 32 Cliff Street, this unique bar draws single and outgoing people of all ages. I hosted an NSA Dinner Party there a few weeks ago and was so impressed by the diversity of the single clientele and the open and adventurous atmosphere of the place. You have investment bankers, bikers, artists, college students, construction workers and debutantes all crowded together under one roof, drinking, dancing on the bar, doing shots off of each others’ bodies and having a damn good time. The owners are hilarious, the bartenders are sexy, the customers are horny and the drinks are cheap. What more could you want on a Friday night?

Dress the fuck up and get the fuck out of the house.

Tomorrow your genitals could turn to dust.

Dear Dr. Alex, How do I tell my partner I have an STD?

IMG_6492Dear Dr. Alex,

My man and I have been dating almost 2 months and we are madly in love. We had “the talk” and decided we wanted to be monogamous and stop using condoms. I got tested last week, got results today, and I tested positive for genital herpes! I am devastated! I have never had an outbreak, and my doc says I may never have one, but I am still mortified.  I’m scared my boyfriend will flip out when I tell him. He’s super paranoid and already flipped out on me when I told him I’ve slept with 12 people in my life, because he’s only slept with 7 people. I’m so upset!! I’ve always been careful, have always used condoms with everyone, and I get tested once a year. I tested negative last year! What do I tell him? And if he breaks up with me, how and when do I tell the next guy I’m with? And do I need to tell all of my previous partners?

Stay Fuckable,

Spoiled Goods From A Store Near You

Dear NOT Spoiled Goods,

First of all, stop calling yourself that. You are NOT “spoiled goods”. And you are not alone. 1 out of 6 of American adults have genital herpes, and the rate is even higher among young people in major cities and college towns. Look around you at the coffee shop and know that almost half the people sharing your WIFI network have herpes. And the barista probably does too. And, there’s a chance that your self-righteous pain in the ass of a boyfriend is actually the one that gave you herpes. When’s the last time HE got tested?

One of them probably has it...But I love them just the same.

One of them probably has it…But I love them just the same.

If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen and don’t freak out like a spaz, you may never have a herpes outbreak in your life. You don’t have to tell anyone that you’re not sleeping with that you tested positive for the herpes virus. It’s none of their business. The decision to tell former lovers that you tested positive for genital herpes is one you have to make for yourself. I do suggest that you definitely tell the people you’ve slept with in the last year, so that they may get tested and, if positive, take preventative measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to others.I’m sure your doctor has spoken to you about all the very effective treatments and preventative medications available.

Yes, you have to tell your partner, but please, DON’T FREAK OUT. I know many couples where one partner has herpes and the other has never contracted it. Some of these couples are on medication, and some are not. Some use condoms, and some do not. You, your partner and your doctor will have to decide what’s right for you. Your partner should get tested immediately. If he’s positive, he should inform his previous partners and ask if any of them have recently tested positive.

Protect yourself. Wear condoms!

Protect yourself. Wear condoms!

The important thing is that neither of you shame nor blame the other and that you not be embarrassed about this. You are a sexually active human being. You engage in safe sex, you did everything you could to keep yourself safe, and you contracted one of the most common and least dangerous of STIs. If your boyfriend’s test turns out to be negative and/or he breaks up with you for this, then he’s not the kind of guy you want to be with; and he’s an ass, because there’s a very high chance that his next girlfriend will have herpes too.

I believe that you must tell all future partners that you tested positive for genital herpes before you sleep with them. But, you don’t need to tell them when you first meet them, you don’t need to tell them on a first date, or even after several dates. You don’t need to tell them until you are certain you are going to sleep with them. And, remember, there’s a chance they already have it too.

Regarding your boyfriend’s disdainful dickery about how many people you’ve slept with–NOBODY SHOULD EVER TELL ANYBODY THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THEY’VE SLEPT WITH! In the future, never discuss your “number” with anyone and never ask anyone for theirs. That is an unnessecary piece of information that almost always leads to distrust and insecurity. It doesn’t matter whether someone has slept with one person, or one million. If they have had sexual contact with someone, they may have an STI. You don’t know until you get tested. I always reccommend both partners get tested for all STIs before engaging in vaginal or anal intercourse, even if you’re using condoms. They break sometimes.

There is detailed information about herpes, including symptoms, treatment options and support resources HERE. And please let me know if you need further information or support. And stop being so upset! You are a wonderful, beautiful and responsible angel, and your goods are still very, very tasty.

Stay Fuckable,

Dr. Alex